Ride up at Rosdala!

This morning started off rather stressful 😉 Laundry, planing, more planing, sending mail to sponsors, feeding horses at one place, feeding horses at another place, training and a ride up later this afternoon… was going to catch a bus, didn’t catch the bus… and so on 😉

Luckily most things usually turns out well anyways.

Bimaal and FLM Verdi has now moved to a new stable, Rosdala! They seem to be enjoying their new home 🙂 Not only are the stalls amazing and the people adorable but also finally we are privildged to have an indoor arena! YAY =)


IMG_0069                                                                                           The stalls

We have a ride-up later this afternoon so we will get back to you tonight with more updates and pictures!


IMG_0043                                                                                         Exciting!




 // Vicky & Bimaal





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