When the student becomes the master? Or the other way around?

Okay, so here we go 😉

We had a very interesting day at Rosdala riding Bimaal, FLM Strauss and FLM Verdi in one dressage class each, judged by Eva Nilsson.


First up was FLM Strauss. He did such a good job, the star of the day in my opinion!

He was a lot more relaxed than last time (which was his first) and he looked like he had a better flexion and collection this time. He also looked more confident and in place 😉

Still some things to work on but then again it’s an never ending journey 🙂




And then,

”Bimaal, Bimaal, Bimaal, what to do with you?!?”

Truth be told he went completely nuts today during warm-ups. He jumped around, ran on two legs, three legs, eight legs…. no legs at all, he was all over the place. I. was. in. chock.

I was embarressed and he was the happiest horse in the world playing around like a 3 year old on the first show.

However, once we started our ride up he was somewhat calmer, but he was still not focused and refused to move alongside the walls since there was, and I tell you, THERE WAS, arabian eating monster hidden in the walls ready to jump at their targets, NOTE; especially white ones.

So the first part of our program was close to a disaster. On the other hand the second part was really good, scoring 7 on most parts with a few mistakes made by me.

Afterwards we had the chance to redo a couple of things with guidance from Eva which was the best part of the day. I recieved some really good advice and tips which we will work on 😉

Thank you so much Eva Nilsson / Rosdala Ridponny Pudel Dressyr!!!

So what we need to focus on in the forth coming weeks is focus and more focus,  play time is over 😉 and I have to be more effective in my eq when my partner is off track.


Flyinge 2011 008            ”It’s important to remember that sometimes you look in different directions”


//Vicky & a prancing and rearing Bimaal




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