Something new, something old

Started the day of at Eriksdal, and then a trip to Rosdala to take care of Bimaal and Verdi who are treated like superstars over there!  Bimaal was very excited about his new pasture and the other horses around it 😃


20140705-014248.jpgThe color of his blanket reveals why he is wearing it 😉 more than just for protecting against flies then.

Before lunch we also did our first work- out for the day. Mostly just canter, jogging, extending and stretching to losen up since he had a lot of tension and tough work-out yesterday at the ride-up.
After that a nice bath for him and an involuntary shower for me (been sipping between my toes all day).
Later back to Eriksdal to train and feed the other horses, and after that a trip to Kärråsen to ride ”Calle”. He was great today, however takes a lot more muscle to ride him than Bimaal so I was completely exhausted but yeez those movements, like flying really 😄

20140705-011332.jpgCalle and me a while ago

And then back to Eriksdal to close up there and after that last trip to Rosdala to ride Bimaal a second time. He was awesome this evening! Just practiced two of the dressage test we will ride in Poland and he completely nailed them both. Think I almost ran out of ”good boy”, if that is possible 😊.


Rosdala’s beautiful indoor arena this evening 😍



//Vicky & Bimaal


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