Getting there!

A somewhat stressful day and sometimes it’s good to remind oneself to relax and enjoy the journey too.

Spent the first part of the day training and taking care of all horses. Bimaal was excellent today, everything just turned out perfectly during our workout 😉


After our workouts we had a little photo shoot with Verdi to try out headbands Alfridam Stud has given us. They are sooo perfect! Thank you so much Frida & Lena!!


IMG_0314IMG_0326Aren’t they great?! PS. Somebody told somebody else that Verdi needs to get his ears trimmed 😉


Then we were goofing around a bit…

IMG_0328IMG_0357If someone is tired of all the blue/yellow outfits; here they are, the most beautiful non matching sunglasses in pink from S.E.R.O. (Sveriges Ekonomföreningars RiksOrganisation). You have to admit, these pink beauties have superstar potential… or something… 🙂


This day, like all others, is coming to an end and we said good night to our superstars at Rosdala knowing they are in good hands over there. Now we have some paperwork to do and some more packing of course.

IMG_0341Bimaal chillin’ in his stall

However, most things are falling into place and we are so overwhelmed by all the people around us who are supporting us on our way. Of course, we will dedicate some of our forthcoming posts to these amazing people, stay tuned!


Tomorrow we have a barbeque coming up!


//Team Palmaer


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