Falsterbo Horse Show

Took a trip to Falsterbo today to visit the annual FHS. Almost made it i time for the Grand Prix Special 😉 Also had some time to watch the freestyle but didn’t have time to watch Kittel & Scandic unfortunately…


Thanks a lot Djur & Natur – Lunnarp for the ticets!


IMG_0369     IMG_0370

First thing that caught my eyes as soon as we entered the FSH show ground. A beduin tent with beautiful decorations and ads on arabian horses and events in Oman 🙂 Arabian power!



Triviant leaving the arena
Charlotte Haid Bondergaard and Triviant did a good job!



Rose Mathisen & Bocelli – such an elegant horse!




We had a great time meeting up with Asta and Lotta!! Thank you for a nice catching up this weekend and for your company att FHS with an enjoyable ”fika”! Will see you soon, or in 7 weeks at least 😉



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