Never forget…

Poland, a home for arabian horses. We are following what’s happening in Poland and we hold their breath..what will happen in the future ..?

we are privileged to have wonderful mares with Polish blood and we wish with all our hearts that we in future can turn to Poland to find that little extra something , beautiful and irresistible which lays the foundation for our breeding.

Our little darling  Cengira by Girlan-Bey (PL) (Pesal-Grazja-Bis) out of  Centaurea (SE) (Granit-Caroline) 


Nanona by Fawor out of  Nisza (Eukaliptus ) in SASC 2012

Our visit in Polen at Janow Podlaski European Arabian Sporthorse Championships 2015

Cengira and her lovely daughter Cencessa ❤️❤️❤️
Painting by Hannah Andersson

Our thoughts are with you all in Poland

Team Palmaer 

Spring is on it’s way..🌺

 FLM Verdi is available for breeding and we welcome the horses who is coming this month.

Spring is coming and we will present our horses for this season.

  OKS Bimaal by LM Limaal out of Bitcha 

 Cencessa by OKS Bimaal out of Cengira

  Caelum by OKS Bimaal out of Cengira

   Cengira by Girlan Bey out of Centaurea

   VIP Rezydent by Malagant out of Regina

   Aladdon by Al Romeo out of Gowinda

  Wan Fashion by Farres out of Wanessa 

 Magic di Maria by Magic el Marees out of WW Karma

 FLM Strauss by FLM Verdi out of Queen Latifah
   Azu’reus by FLM Verdi out of Alizza
   Narius V by FLM Verdi out of Nanona


  Pride of Grace by FLM Verdi out of Power’n Grace 

    FLM Verdi by The Verdict HG out of Tari Noir

We can even present the beauty VIP Belissa by WH Justice out of Bogini who is standing here for 3 month.

Team Palmaer